Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the world through better business culture, practices and operations.  Lowering environmental impact while improving financial impact equals better business.  We achieve this through our three Core Values: Quality, Timeliness/Cost and Manner.

Quality - To provide the highest quality of strategic consulting services for our clients.  Our goal is to improve your organization financially through cost savings, revenue generation, risk mitigation and brand improvement; and environmentally through energy/carbon reduction, water reduction, waste reduction, material usage improvements, and land management improvements.

TImeliness & Cost - To provide our work ontime and within budget.  We work hard to clearly define project scope, objectives and goals upfront to ensure your organization receives the results it needs.  Our client testimonials demonstrate our flexibility and the high level of ease it is to work with us.

Manner - We pride ourselves on strong, professional etiquette.  We often serve in roles in which we represent client organizations, and we take great pride in their trust. 

Our Method

Our method is rooted in systems engineering analysis, such as decision theory, operations research, and probability & statistics.  We pair this with the strategic lens of business management best practices and deep consulting experience across environmental and social issues.

We believe that every organization is unique: its industry, its competitors, its employees, its communities, the NGOs it works with, and the regulatory environment in which it operates.  Therefore, every organization requires a unique and specific strategy for sustainability. 

Our method is comprehensive and robust.  We do not focus exclusively on one aspect of sustainability; we focus on ALL aspects of sustainability (waste, energy/carbon, water, materials, land), looking up the value chain to suppliers, internally across operations, and down the value chain to customers and vendors.

We optimize your outcome - for financial, environmental and social improvements.

Jeff Gowdy
Founder & Lead Consultant

Jeff's environmental interest started in childhood when he earned the Eagle Scout rank in Clemson, SC. It has continued as an adult as an avid backpacker - he has hiked a majority of the Appalachian Trail. He has volunteered for numerous environmental groups including the Earthwatch Institute and the Appalachian Trail Club.

Jeff graduated with honors from The University of Viriginia with a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering with a concentration in Management Systems. He graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management with a concentration in Strategy and an emphasis in Environmental Management.

In 2005, Jeff worked for GreenOrder on the launch of GE's ecomagination, which is often considered the first, key landmark corporate sustainability initiative in the US.

In 2006, Jeff worked for BluSkye on the rollout of Walmart's Sustainable Value Networks, which is often considered the second, key landmark corporate sustainability initiative in the US.

Other key sustainability experiences include work with Home Depot, Bridgestone, Verizon, and World Wildlife Fund.


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